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Ads Elite v 4.5 ( AdSense )

adsense module

Free Ads Elite Module & Plug-in for Joomla! and K2ext modext mod K2

Requirement: Joomla! 2.5 / 3.x

This is the unique extension that uses 100% of New AdSense Page-Level Ads by allowing you to add your Page-Level Ads code ( Use AdStarter System Plugin - included ). Page level ads are AdSense’s next generation ads. Page-level ads is a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way to help you earn money from your mobile content.

The benefits of Page-level ads include:

  • Optimized ads that show when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.
  • One-time set-up that only requires you to place the Page-level ad code once on each page you’d like the ads shown.
  • Ability to adjust the settings in your account and to enable new ad formats without having to change the code on your site.
  • Additional ads on your site that don’t count towards your AdSense per page ad limit.


Ads Elite Module & Plug-in

This is the unique extension that uses 100% of New AdSense Asynchronous Code advantages by loading one instance of async script ( Just before </head> ), even if using multiple ad units ( AdStarter plugin included ).
And also the unique extension that converts your Synchronous code to Asynchronous and vice versa.

The new asynchronous code is designed to improve web latency and allow page content to load without getting held up by ad serving.

(Including Module/Plugin) You can place up to 3 (Not more than 3) AdSense ad units per page - Google AdSense Ad implementation policies.

Perfect and powerful extension to insert Google AdSense in to your Joomla! Website.
To use Ads Elite Extension, you need to copy your Google AdSense code from your Google AdSense account.

Google Adsense is the most competitive Advertising Program. It lets you generate income by serving Google Adsense Advertisements on your website.

  • 1 - Register with Google AdSense website: or
    (Don't forget to add a Privacy Policy - Copyright page to your website, including a Google AdSense Cookies Section to accelerate approval process)
  • 2 - Wait for your Google AdSense account to be verified, and then copy your Google AdSense code.
  • 3 - Download and install this Google AdSense Elite extension for Joomla!
  • 4 - Paste your Google AdSense code in the extension parameters and publish it.
  • 5 - If your Google AdSense account is not yet activated, you will see a blank space instead of Google AdSense ad unit.

You have to wait some days for your Google AdSense to be activated and serve Ads on your site.

After getting an activated account, you can copy your module to 2 other module positions and change all the optional settings if you want so.

From your Ads Elite extension parameters:

  • You can chose Google AdSense ads alignment or enter a custom CSS code.
  • You can paste your Google AdSense code to the extension.
  • You can choose your Google AdSense ad type.
  • You can change Google AdSense ad format.
  • You can limit Google AdSense ads to be seen just by guest/registered/all users.
  • You can block Google AdSense ads on article view.
  • You can block some Ip address from seeing your Google AdSense ads.

- Detailed How-to by our friend

- Spanish documentation by our friend Joomlapractico

Requested Features by users Added to Ads Elite extension:

  • 1 - Bloc IP Ranges (not only specific IPs) from seeing your Google AdSense ads. (v3.1.0).
  • 2 - Select Paragraph delimiter (/p) or (br) for Inside article Ad Unit (Plugin) (v3.3.0).
  • 3 - Convert AdSense Synchronous code to Asynchronous code automatically (v3.4.0).
  • 4 - Automatically Remove empty Ad Units if more than 3 inserted (to comply with AdSense policies)(v3.6.0).
  • 5 - Enable or Convert to Responsive Layout (v3.8.0).
  • 6 - Add full K2 support and SSL support (v3.10.0).
  • 7 - Plugin : insert the Inside Ad Unit automatically, or manually by adding tag inside articles (v4.2.0).
  • 8 - Enable the full power of Responsive Layout automatically or manually (v4.2.0).
  • 9 - Enable AdSense Page Level Ads by AdStarter System Plugin (v4.5.0).

Our extensions are available for free download. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the functionality of our extensions (existing options, new options, current issues), please feel free to contact us.

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